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Blind Athletes Inc is a sport club based in central New Jersey focused on creating transformative opportunities and enabling the pursuit of excellence for vision impaired athletes.

We believe in empowering happiness through adaptive sports, and promoting fitness, friendship, and fun for athletes of all abilities. We also coach and train our competitive athletes for success in competition. Our team of SafeSport certified coaches are led by U.S. Olympian Jennifer Demby, who has encouraged our staff of volunteer coaches to attain additional sport-specific certifications. Our coaching objective and focus is to develop the person in every athlete.


Blind Athletes Inc is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization



Blind Athletes Inc is a sport club for vision impaired athletes in the State of New Jersey. We want our athletes to stay active in all seasons. In order to do so, we support a multi-sports schedule including para-athletics, beep baseball and participation in road races such as 5K and half marathon. Our competitive athletes compete regionally, nationally and internationally.

All our athletes train towards the same objectives – to raise their standard of excellence, strive for new personal records, and to discover the Champion within.

We urge you to consider becoming an athlete – someone who chooses the active lifestyle and the camaraderie of friends and teammates. Someone who sets high expectations and strives to achieve meaningful goals. It takes courage, willpower and effort to make a lifestyle change. It requires the support of consistent constructive encouragement and proper guidance. That is what we are all about at Blind Athletes Inc.

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